Saturday, May 9, 2009

ACE Team action against piracy "Huairou" policy

By Haven Frbiz

Windows platform action game "Zeno Clash" developer ACE Team, a few days ago in a comment on the BT site, they try to understand that those who download the game the majority of views. They acknowledged, the user may prefer to "buy the game before you try," they will not be interested in preventing piracy.

Chile-based independent game developers the latest ACE Team work "Zeno Clash", held in January at the Independent Games Festival, go to the "Outstanding Visual Arts Awards" list of candidates.

Of course, this can not prevent it from being spread in the major site BT - BT on in everything is not surprising, but the strange thing is the development of the game on the response to this situation.

BT did not require them to take down these sites BT seeds, to avoid a direct dialogue with the piracy. Of their choice in the seed document page message, called on the majority of gamers to buy genuine. Their message that the only game to have good sales, they can continue to develop outstanding works, they do not intend to deliberately go against piracy, users download the game is to try before buying, if you feel good, hope to be able to pay to buy genuine.

Despite this official message released only in a BT site, but the news quickly spread From the many other sites, which expressed that the solidarity From ACE Team.

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