Friday, May 8, 2009

What Makes a Mp3 Radio Player?

By Anne Ahira

Do you pass up the well ole days whilst the music pulsing in your ears was coming from your confined radio station? Several persons make, particularly those who remember the period while that was cutting edge technology, or who are just not computer savvy and need to listen to music on the go.

mp3 radio player is here to save the day! For about $20 on Amazon, you be able to obtain a small plain mp3 radio player that does not obtain a rocket scientist to discover. One such player is the Coby 1 GB mp3 radio player.

Features High contrast LCD screen with backlight so you can select your radio station or music in the dark. 1 GB of storage space Supports mp3 and WMA format Keeps 16- 32 hours of music depending on format


This is a plain mp3 radio player that people of the whole ages could take pleasure in. If your young kid has been yammering on for a portable mp3 player you can indulge them at this charge.

No special software to download onto your computer, with operating systems like XP it is a matter of plug and play, then drag and drop. Easy to use buttons and a user friendly interface makes this mp3 radio player perfect for the technically challenged, or those easily frustrated by complex instructions.


Battery life is a general grievance among mp3 radio players, the fine feature on this one is the battery is a AAA and is extremely usable. Do yourself a goodwill and provide in an excellent set of ear buds or headphones. Buttons be able to be simply broken so the customer needs to apply a little attention not to crush them.

Customer Ratings

Customers report that the unit is so easy to use that it is a dream in the mp3 radio player world. Even with the issues listed above more than half, the customers that rated the unit were happy with it, and the value.


This is a great starter mp3 radio player. Little dimension and uncomplicated to use interface make it a easy task for everyone to utilize.

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