Thursday, April 30, 2009

Advantages of Fast Shipping

By Tom Sanderrs

There's a horror story at every business about when they tried to have products shipped from somewhere and the whole thing became a huge mess. Imagine ordering light fixtures, paying good money, waiting for them to be delivered on the specified day only to see nothing. Then, when you contact the provider you're treated with contempt and told that it's the delivery company's fault and not their problem. After all, they've already got your payment.

This is why it's common sense to look into the provider's history and check that the lighting company you're dealing with is reputable. You can use the internet to your advantage and look for lighting stores. Pay special attention to their shipping details and maybe fire off an email or two to enquire about their arrangements.

The age of the company will have a bearing on the speed of the shipping. If the company is new and does not have very much information about the company on the "about us" page this may indicate that you are dealing with a middle man, rather than the company. This may delay shipping, when you go through a middle man.

However if you are dealing with the real company you should find good information on the "about us" page. Generally these companies have been around a while and will offer faster shipping.

Saving time by shopping online suddenly comes back to bite you if the shipping is slow. Even worse if you have to chase up the delivery yourself! Many companies have luck lustred service down to an art form and know straight away to divert blame (and the customer) to the shipping provider. So before you go congratulating yourself on the great price you've sourced from the web, check those shipping guarantees and make sure the company you're dealing with has a good history.

Fast shipping is often a sign of a really good company. One reason for this is because they have your fluorescent lighting fixtures in stock. This means that you do not need to wait forever for your delivery.

Another reason is they have an efficient shipping department that operates well. It means that your shipment will not get lost or damaged. Therefore you place your order with confidence, knowing that your shipment will arrive as promised and in perfect condition.

Delivery hassles and bad service are things everyone can do without. Customers really deserve the best service they can get and good quality organizations share this sentiment. It's not hard for a provider to ensure that you get your goods as promised, so don't put up with bad service.

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