Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Guts Frisbee

By Bobbie McKee

Are you familiar with guts Frisbee? Well, perhaps you already know Frisbee as a sport but you see, it also has different types of games which include Guts Frisbee. What is Guts Frisbee?

Games of guts Frisbee consist of 2 teams and each team is composed of 1-5 players. The main goal of the game is to get 21 points. The teams should be lined up and they should face each other. Teams should also be 14 meters apart. A player from a certain team will throw the disc towards the opponent in a manner that wouldn't be easy for the opposing team members to catch the disc. The scores are based on the success and failure of the team making the throw. If you want your team to win, you must ensure that the throws you make will not be caught by your opponents; but you should not make any violations while doing the throw.

You can't play the game without the necessary equipments. Al the team members should have their own equipments like protective clothing, disc, uniform, gloves, and cleats. Guts Frisbee makes use of the 'pro model' disc especially in the official games but when it comes to non-sanctioned competitions, the teams are free to choose the disc to be used. Protective clothing is needed to avoid accidents and dangers.

Players are allowed to wear gloves but you need to ensure that its thickness will not exceed that of the leather gloves. Players with sticky substances and tack cloths will not be allowed to play because the materials can remain on the Frisbee disc. In official games, the teams are required to have their own uniform so that the players can be easily distinguished from one another. You will also need cleats but you need to ensure that mo metals are exposed.

The game should be played in the appropriate place. It should be played on a field with 2 parallel lines (also called goal or foul lines) which are 14 meters apart. You can't play guts Frisbee anywhere. Experts suggest that this game should be played in a field with a surface area of well-trimmed grass. The field should have no holes, obstructions, and it should be flat; that way, the safety of the players can be ensured.

Spectators are also expected especially in big game events. They should be separated from the guts Frisbee players by lines or ropes. This is also one way to ensure the safety of the spectators and not only that, if they are separated from the actual players, they will not be able to interfere with the game.

Unlike other types of Frisbee, guts Frisbee follows different rules in determining possession, when starting the game, the play exchanges, movements of the receiving team, throwing, catching, and the play itself. Substitutions are allowed and first substitution can take place when the team is able to score 11 points in the game.

Injuries can happen and so you need to be extra careful in the game. If you have the proper equipments, you don't need to worry too much because you'll do well in the game.

You must also familiarize yourself with the different terms used in the game like exchange, foul line, good throw, goal line, optimum effort, scoring zone, and many others. If you know a great deal about gust Frisbee and you have equipments, you're free to join the games.

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