Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Affiliate Program Riches - Online Business Opportunity

By Francisco Rodriguez

I have had a successful twenty three year career in real estate online business opportunity, the last twenty one with RE/MAX as a Hall of Fame Associate Broker. So if you are still hanging in there in this market, we may have a lot in common. Just a few years ago we were on top of the world, seemed like things were too good to be true and they were. Prices skyrocketing, high commissions steadily rolling in and then the market shifted. For those of you that have been around for a while, it was an unavoidable cycle, the sub-prime market dried up, foreclosures increased dramatically, prices declined and short sales became the rule instead of the exception.

First, there is no overhead cost associated with online business opportunity affiliate programs. Let's say that you want to create a physical business (a store someone can actually walk into) in your town. You have to begin by going through the trouble of finding a building to house your business and products. After that, there are tons of costs associated with financing, paying employees, bills, and buying a stock of items. This can be extremely costly, and the debt you will incur if you fail will be tremendous.

Second, starting a physical business limits your audience. Most likely, the only people that will shop at your store are the people in your town. This seriously limits your ability to find and convert people to paying customers. However, some physical businesses are able to get people to buy from their store from all over the world! How do they do this? With the internet!

What do we do? Well we can change careers, or we can do something to earn little extra money and wait the market out. I have considered and tried both and found a solution, regardless of your answer. I knew that for me, a 52 year old man with no college education in this devastated job market, there were not many if any options to replace the money I was making in real estate. So I turned to the internet, the only mechanism available giving average ordinary people the leverage to create wealth.

Since I had no online business experience, I searched for a way to start an online venture, one that I could learn as I earn. It took me more than a year, but it was well worth the research. I found something called a Business in a Box, a duplicatable system that others were already using to achieve the success I was looking for. I was given the same tools, training and support. The ability to earn income immediately and grow at my own pace. This truly was a top online business opportunity.

It seemed too good to be true, but I received it in the mail, set up as instructed and was making money the first week. The system is a simple online business opportunity and easy to use. There is support and ongoing training by those members that are already earning five and six figure incomes a month. All that is great, but if you asked me what I like most about this top online business opportunity, it gave new passion to my life and the freedom to enjoy it.

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