Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Clickbank and Article Submission

By Brent Sweet

Did you know that if you can submit enough articles you can make a great income with clickbank for next to nothing in advertising costs?

I like to use Article Marketing for Clickbank products because:

You get a whole page to write and convince people to go to the landing page as opposed to 3 lines tops at Google Adwords.

You pay nothing to submit articles if you do it manually.

People actually read them, and if you write a good article you can draw a bunch of traffic.

You can use an article and build a lot of trust. The client is presold before even visting the website sales page.

You can use articles to build up your search engine rankings at the same time you promote products if you have a website.

If you want to be a serious affiliate then you need a good strategy. I will share mine. I write an article about a new affiliate program every day. Then I submit it with a service to over 7000 directories.

This will give you a good selection of products for customers and if you articles are good a fantastic conversion and paycheck. This will give you several one page ads for nearly nothing and income through the roof.

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