Friday, January 16, 2009

Reverse Phone Number Membershps -- Getting your Money's Worth

By Hans Hisbon

Many people who have a subscription to a reverse phone number lookup service are not getting the most for their money. Unless you have chosen the option to do a search for one number, you most likely are not getting your money's worth.

If you are one of those people who write down numbers and do not attach a name to it, no need to worry when you have your reverse phone number membership. You do not even have to bother recording a name if you do not want to, simply write down the number and look it up later. You most likely will recognize the name. If you are a busy salesperson and want to do some research on your customers first, a very good way to do this is lookup the number they gave you. Are they telling you the truth about where they live? An easy phone number lookup often does the trick. Many of the subscriptions will give you other information as well, such as an age an address. It can be amazing the information that is stored in computers these days.

Do you get unwanted or unsolicted phone calls often, and who does not? You can write down the number and find out who it belongs to later. If you are afraid that you will miss an important call, it will show up on the reverse search. Caller ID is just not enough these days when so many people have cell phones. In many areas, cell phone numbers do not include the name. Most reverse cell phone subscriptions include lookups of cell phone numbers, but be sure to check with the one you are interested in before making a final decision.

Another use of your membership is to lookup information if you are responding to a classified ad. Do you want to look at a car that is in the ad before you actually talk to the owner about it, to see if you would even be interested? Look up the number in your membership, drive by it, then call the people if you are still interested in the car. You could also avoid being the victim of a crime, if you double check what the people on the other end are saying. Do you homework and verify their information before you go and check something out in their home. Always be sure to ask a lot of questions and confirm everything.

Today, information is accessible by virtually anyone with a computer and internet access. If you are willing to pay the price, you can find out about anything you want. What was once almost impossible to find without consulting a private investigator for access, is accessible by virtually anyone with a computer. Be sure you are getting the most for you money when you subscribe to one of these information services.

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