Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Realistic Way to Make Money from the Internet

By David Johnson

It's been several years now since I started helping people who want to earn a living on the internet. Many of them are sincere about their desires, and others are just dreaming. Quite a few of them are looking for something that will pay really well, cost no money, and require no effort.

An optimistic, but realistic outlook is the key to success here. The world wide web is absolutely the highest leverage tool available for creating stable passive income, but it still requires you to work within the basic laws of economics. You don't get to take a lot out of a business unless you put some real work into it.

A system needs to add value to the market if it's going to produce cash. And if you want it to produce passive cash over time it needs to keep adding value without you having to put more work into it. You could say that owning rental property is an example of how this is done.

People who own rental properties enjoy the benefits of collecting an income stream without too much additional work. In the internet world you're dealing with websites and search traffic instead of apartment buildings and tenants.

Real estate developers get excited about locations where thousands of people pass by each day - you should get excited about the same thing. But instead of thinking about the number of cars that pass an intersection you're going to be thinking about the number of searchers that pass a keyword phrase.

The goal for all of us is a more passive - or at least relatively low maintenance - online income, and it is achievable. But just as in the real estate world you have to find a great location in the form of high potential keywords, and you have to build the kind of structure that best suits that location, meaning the type of site you set up around those keywords.

Think about this: would you be willing to work 100 hours to create a $3,000 per year passive income? If the answer is yes, you're going to have a very lucrative ride on the internet marketing train. But if you can't get excited about that first $3,000 per year you'll never do the work of creating $30,000 per year, and forget about $300,000 per year.

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