Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twitter an Effective Online Tool

By Taylor Tenretni

The growth of social networking over recent periods hasn't come as a shock to anyone. facebook was the latest giant to leap to the top and claim its spot in the lime light. But the new micro blogging platform from Twitter is now by far the most commonly used network out there.

Social Media is great for communicating with your loved ones, but where twitter is different is that it gives you a real time account of what people are doing right now via sending tweets to you followers.

Some clever marketers are using to twitter to make money and drive traffic. They give an update to their followers with their website in with the view to driving lots of customers from Twitter to their sales page. twitter works well with other social networking sites too.

Take advantage of twitter using Tiny Url to truncate your domain name and getting some added juice for your search engine optimisation campaign. There is a little guide beneath which should help you with Twitter

Client - is desktop shortcut that enables you to send your twits without having to log in or open a browser. Just fire your message in and send and twitter will update your account. This is very good as it means you are more time efficient and can send more sales info

Search - use twitter as an engine and gather what ever info you need. Simply send out some updates asking for answers to your question let others do the work for you and then use the information

Twitter library - If you need to info or opinions on something send out your updates to people and use the info they comeback with to collect your data

Twitter Technology - Keep your followers right up to date with products on your blog by uploading a plugin and automating the process

Twitter Updates - Use info form Twitter news sites etc to always ensure you are at the forefront of anything going on

Find Your Market- Discover new clients by searching for user groups and communities on Twitter

Twitter Satisfaction - Answer questions and issues for clients who have problems via a dedicated twitter hot line

Twitter Trust - help people find what they are looking for and become part of a vibrant community to gain maximum trust and exposure

By following this quick guide you will ensure that you maximise your online efforts and generate some highly targeted traffic via the hottest social network out there. Join in and have some fun!

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