Saturday, March 21, 2009

Top Tips of Samsung DLP

By Anne Ahira

The advertisements for televisions today look more like a jumbled alphabet than actual information. Many people are still struggling with a choice between plasma and LCD or DLP. For the purposes here, we will discuss the samsung dlp 70 inch.


The Samsung DLP 70 inch arrives with a price tag of just over $2,000. That is a mammoth TV for the worth, actually price per inch wise it is cheaper than either a LCD or a plasma screen.

Specifications Resolution 1920x1080p Blue tooth headphones capable with certain models HDMI connectivity Cinema smooth light engine Clear crisp HD quality picture

As you can notice, it provides lots of the same features of the smaller LCD or plasma TVs , but so much bigger!


Big screen television specialists are a finicky lot. After making the plunge and upgrading to a high definition set this big screen fan said that the picture quality of the Samsung DLP was more than he could have ever dreamed!

The technology of the Samsung DLP is still rear projection and that puts lots of customers off. With so many wish to hang their televisions on the wall, people will examine the plus the Samsung DLP has over LCD or Plasma.

Each type of television has its own issues and commonly accepted problems. The difference with DLP over the rest is the main problem they have is a replaceable bulb that is prone to burning out.

LCD's on the other hand have issues with dead or stuck pixels which can only be repaired by a trip back to the manufacturer and ghosting or a blurring of the picture during heavy action which is not fixable.

Plasma probably has the best picture of any television however they have the very bad habit of burning in images. This means if you leave your television on overnight on accident, you could very well have your cable or satellite logo as a permanent feature of your television. Again an issue that is only fixable by a shop or the manufacturer and is usually not covered by warranty.

Save yourself some time money and frustration and buy a Samsung DLP the at that time you are in the store for a brand new TV.

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