Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Affordable Knee Replacement Surgery Abroad

By Michael Dunage

If you have a problem with your knee crunching while you walk, your doctor might recommend knee replacement surgery. What if your insurance policy is not enough to cover this procedure or you are underinsured? With the costs of knee replacement surgery in the U.S. being so high, where do you turn? You obviously don't or cannot afford to wait until your savings enable you to pay for the treatment.

Here's the answer. An option might be to have your knee replacement surgery abroad. Destinations such as India, Turkey, Costa Rica, Mexico are considered as top destinations for this procedure type. To recieve assistance with the arrangements and coordination, you can contact a medical tourism website that will assist in every step of the way.

Flights can be arranged and the cost of medical treatment and travel of up to seventy percent off the U.S. costs for knee replacement surgery abroad. Many see this as an affordable option for knee replacement surgery abroad. India is considered one of the most prominent destinations for knee replacement surgery abroad and they have some doctors who actually pioneered a procedure known as knee resurfacing surgery even before it was approved by the FDA in the U.S.

You fly to one of the major cities in India and you get met by a personal attendant who helps you get around during your experience. You will be visiting doctors who have considerable experience in knee replacement surgery abroad. India specialists are orthopedic surgeons who are generally board certified in their field of specialty and who have more than a hundred procedures under their belt.

In addition to the medical travel aspect to India for knee replacement surgery, there are other tourism benefits. India is a place that allows you to take advantage of therapeutic therapies available. The surgical facilities are modern and the patient rooms are the same as a five star hotel. The hospitals for knee replacement surgery abroad in just as good if not better than the hospitals in the U.S. or elsewhere.

You will be transported prior to receiving your knee replacement surgery to a hotel by your personal assistant. After you have settled, you will be transported to the hospital to meet with the surgical team that will be performing the knee replacement operation. The nurses will prepare you for IV and make you relaxed and at ease. Besides India, another destination that provides first class knee replacement surgery treatment is Mexico.

Another nice destination to visit is the Philippines. They offer great tourism and attractions prior to your knee replacement surgery it the time permits. From that point, you will be taken to meet up with the surgeon who will be performing the knee replacement surgery. Many of the doctors in the Philippines that perform this type of surgery are board certified and have received previous training in the U.S. The devices and prosthetics used are modern and the same as in the U.S.

The knee with the pain and problem is surgically removed and replaced with metal and plastic materials. The pain you will experience after the surgery should be minimal compared to what you were experiencing prior to surgery. You will be given medication to ease the post surgical pain and the physical therapists will assist to get you back walking as soon as possible for your trip back home.

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