Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lap Band Surgery Abroad is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

By Michael Dunage

A relatively new procedure even in the west, the Lap Band surgery involves taking a vinyl ring filled with saline and placing it around the upper portion of the stomach, constricting the stomach outlet in that area and creating an upper pouch that holds the food after eating. It is an excellent and safe way to lose weight.

Individuals that are uninsured or under-insured cannot afford to pay for such procedures in the U.S. without the help of a loan. Therefore, many are traveling abroad to receive this treatment at an affordable price. Patients can save up to 70% off the prices in the U.S. by simply going abroad for treatment.

This makes Lap Band surgery abroad very cost-effective. An added advantage of this option is that such Lap Band programs are safe and modern in countries that are also exotic and great places to incorporate a vacation. Lap Band surgery abroad can involve having your surgery in one of several countries that do Lap Band surgery.

Mexico, India, the Philippines, Turkey, Costa Rica and Thailand are all countries that might have programs in Lap Band surgery. Mexico has several Lap Band surgery programs in some of the bigger cities. When it comes to doing Lap Band surgery, Mexico doctors are available who are board certified in bariatric (weight loss) surgery and who have hundreds of such surgeries under their belt already.

The best thing you need to know about traveling abroad to receive a lap band surgery is that the doctors and medical staff speak English and can properly explain the benefits of having the lap band surgery procedure perfomed and if you are in fact the right candidate. The best doctors will explain that it could be possible for the lap band to loosen or become defective and would then need to be corrected.

Most questions will be answered prior to receiving the lap band surgery procedure. A nearby destination to the U.S., such as Mexico makes an ideal region for receiving your treatment. The lap band surgery centers are modern and high in Technology. Most people have had great experiences traveling to mexico for this type surgery.

The nursing staff is well trained and prepares you for having your Lap Band surgery. Mexico surgical suites are similar to those in the U.S. The anesthesia is the same and is as safe as that in the U.S. and the Lap Band device is identical to those found in the U.S. Overall, it is an excellent choice for Lap Band Surgery.

Turkey is another choice for Lap Band surgery. Turkey is also an exotic location"a perfect place to travel for both vacationing and medical needs. You will find, as in Mexico, a nice set up for Lap Band surgery. Turkey offers modern clinics and hospitals that are clean, well kept and stocked with the medication and supplies that make these places extremely similar to U.S. programs for Lap Band surgery.

You will find that there are many board certified doctors in Turkey that specialize in Bariatric or lap band surgery and are extremely knowledgeable. They have performed thousands of lap band surgery procedures and like mexico provides a true meaning of gratification.

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