Thursday, February 19, 2009

Internet Auction Profits

By Dominic

Most Internet users are aware of eBay and how the auction works. People put things up for sale, and users bid on the things they want. At the end of the auction, whoever has bid the most money wins the item. Though eBay is large and profitable, it is only one of many web auctions on the Internet. There are many online, you just have to find them.

Some sites have web auctions for just about anything you can dream of, while others specialize. There are some just for tools, and others just carry clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you cant find something on eBay, you may find it on one of those other sites. You may also find a better price because the site is not as popular as eBay, and not as many people are bidding on the item you are looking to buy.

Alot of people use these smaller internet auctions to find bulk items to sell for a profit on eBay. This can work if you are willing to put the time into looking for exactly what you need. You might want to look at eBay to see what sells well, and the average price for each item. You can even buy higher priced items like DVD players or digital recorders to sell for a profit on eBay.

One problem with other web auctions is that it can be a bit iffier than dealing with eBay. Though these other sites may have the same rules as eBay does about above board conduct, the other sites dont have the power behind them that eBay does. This means that if something goes wrong, you may not be able to get your money back, or the dud you bought might be something you just have to live with.

A friend of mine decided to try website auctions as a new way to make some extra cash. She bought two high-end digital camcorders on a smaller auction site, and put them on eBay. Despite a few hicups, she ended up selling everything. The problem was, the second model turned out to be defective. She had to return the money to the buyer, and ended up having to keep the bad equipment. Needless to say, she lost some cash on the venture.

So remember to use caution if you venture onto web auctions other than those hosted by eBay. Check everything over carefully when you get it, and remember to read the fine print. This might also be great advice for users on eBay as well. Even though this site is established and the most popular, there are still problems that can crop up if you dont pay attention.

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