Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Increase Your Link Popularity On Autopilot

By Mickey Spen

The neat thing about NextGenLinks that I really like is that it builds one way links to every page on your site, not just the home page. Have you heard of or seen NextGenLinks yet? It's a fairly new (or at least newly available) link building system that builds backlinks to your sites which is pretty much 95% automated.

A problem with some SEO systems is that they use an automatic link and put it on several websites. The problem with this is they all link to exactly the same page on your website, the homepage. It might seem like the homepage is an ideal page to link to, but the problem is that for small up and coming websites, this is just unlikely. As an example, on a blog site most links would be toward a specific entry, instead of just to the homepage. This is somewhat easy to spot by the larger search engines, and as a result some large search engines will hold this against you, and you will not rise toward the top of their search results.

To give the linking process a natural look services like 1WayLinks and Neurolinker allow you to make deeper links. These are the best in the SEO market and companies charge huge money to achieve the same.

The best part of NextGenLinks is that you can get as many deep links you want for your sites all on autopilot. On a personal level i am thrilled by this system, and have even postponed a current project of mine to hire some new link building outsourcers while I am checking out NextGenLinks.

Presently they are offering a 14 day free trial, and the pricing structure is very competitive which I strongly recommend to check out. The system makes it easier for you to add your new sites, and if you add a few sites the day you sign up you can surely get some results before the end of 14 day free trial period. If you don't get any results, you can cancel your subscription and you will lose nothing.

I will recommend NextGenLinks, based on my experience with it for my 5 sites. The system was also appreciated from the person from whom I learned a lot.

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