Monday, February 2, 2009

Learning Affiliate market from a recognized industry leader!

By Charles K. Pinkus

Affiliate marketers find overnight success with the Acai Berry a nutritional supplement which received an amazing endorsement on the Oprah Winfrey show.

I have had great success as an Affiliate Marketer selling Acai Berry online for the last 6 months and many other products for the last 7 years. My primary sales channels for Acai Berry are traffic exchanges and list builders such as Tiger-Ads, Traffic Swarm, and ListJoe etc... I belong to around 25 different networks and am able to generate 300 unique visitors per day to my affiliate site.

My affiliate site offers a 30 day free trial which is an important factor when selling products online. Each visitor that registers for the free trail yields $30 in revenue which adds up fast as you only need to convert 5 " 6 leads per day to make a significant income. I spend less than 1 hour a day managing my various accounts and consistently make over $200 a day in profit from this one campaign alone.

As an affiliate you will receive residual income of 2.5% on all sales from sub-affiliates in your down line 5 layers deep. I'm presently trying to increase the number of sub-affiliates selling Acai Berry in my down line which is an important peace of the residual income stream. The product pays 2.5% residual income on all future sales in addition to the $30 from the free trial sign up.

I'll share my advertising campaigns with you including all sites I advertise on (including how to set up and profit from social networking), advertisement copy and how to set up and track your campaigns.

By now I hope you can see why I would do this and whats in it for me? This market is so big your involvement will never interfere with my marketing efforts. In fact, as your campaign grows my sub-affiliate commissions combined with the $30 I'll earn when you register for the free trial, REQUIRED IF YOU WANT MY CAMPAIGN INFORMATION, more than compensate me for sharing.

Check out my site and register for the no obligations Acai Berry free 30 day trial which will cost $4.95 shipping and handling. After you have done this please use this same link and register to become an Acai Berry affiliate marketer. This link can be found at the bottom of the Acai Berry sales page and is labeled (Affiliate Program).

After you register my system will redirect you to a unique landing page where you can complete a short form with your email, name, and phone number. This will automatically trigger the training information and provide my personal contact information should you have any additional questions.

I'm certain you'll like the product so much that you'll become a daily user as I now am. I only represent products that I believe in and benefit from. This is a win situation for everyone involved including the Acai Berry Company whose products we are marketing.

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