Thursday, February 5, 2009

Long Island NY Bikers Unite for Orphanage Toy Run !

By LJ James

I'm sure most of you from Long Island NY go to the Who Cares Committee Toy Run every year and have been going for many years as it is a Long Island Biker tradition! Some of you may or may not know over a few years back Bob Whelehan (a good friend of mine) who was the President of the Committee passed away due to complications caused by his Diabetes, leaving his Wife and Kids with many bills to take care of. His Wife Liz known as Mom to many because of how giving she has always been took over as President of the Committee and running the Toy Run to make sure the Children of the St. Chris-Ottille Residential Treatment Center in Sea Cliff Still received their Presents every year.Even with her own bills piling up due to the loss of her Husbands income!!!

Well as if things where not bad enough for Liz and her Family while she was walking home from the Super Market a car ran a red light and hit Liz while she was walking across the street in the cross walk putting her out of work an into a Wheel Chair! Being the strong women she is, she has fought back and can now walk around a little with the use of a cane. Liz is living on $600 a month until she can get well enough to get back to work. She can not pay all of her rent or bills!

Now With a story like that you may believe Liz would have been looking for some one to help her out, and why not? After all she has done for the Children of people of Long Island over the years! But no that is not what she was looking for. She was looking for help Running the Toy Run for the kids of St.Chris-Ottille. The Who Cares Committee being in Disarray because of all the tragedy that had befallen it had lost its AMA Charter and needed help Getting the Toy Run Sanctioned and Insured and of course they needed some able body Bikers to help work the sign up at the Sears Parking lot in Hicksville!

Well when the bikers of Long island heard about this they came out in force to help out! Members of L.I.M.A (The Long Island Motorcycle Association)a Club of AMA Clubs got the Run Sanctioned and insured and Bikers from all walks of the Biker world came down to help out! Members of the Mortal Skulls MC who own an Entertainment Company Donated their time to D.J. the Run and announce the Raffles at the party at the VFW Hall, 320 South Broadway, Hicksville. Once again Members of L.I.M.A. helped out, This time with cooking and serving the food. As anyone who has been to this event knows the food is always incredible.

So often we here the cry as Bikers to help one of our own and we always do!!! This time the Cry was to help one of our own Continue to help others and again on a cold December day We where there!!! The Long Island Biker Community over the past few years has really come together, The differences and prejudices of the past seem to really be melting away!!! If you would like to become a Member of the Who Cares Committee or just help out at next years Toy Run go to

I'll see you There!!! Your Bro L.J. James Radio Show

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